Vicks VapoDrops – fast acting relief in just 5mins!

Vicks VapoDrops – fast acting relief in just 5mins!

This past week has been a really hectic, crazy busy one. Although at times, juggling different roles can be stressful and the workload demanding at times, I love being busy & being able to achieve my goals and what I’ve set out to achieve, not only for myself but also for my clients.

Because I am looking after clients & their cases & pretty much their lives, sometimes I forget to look after myself (I’m sure some of you can relate to this!), I am feeling a bit under the weather at the moment. This is of course coupled by the fact that the sudden season changes doesn’t help either!!

I came home this week to a special winter care package of Vicks! Thanks Vicks! How thoughtful of you! I’ve always turned to them (and yes, overdose on them too) whenever I feel that cold creeping up on me or when I feel that my throat is playing up!! So, life doesn’t stop when we’re feeling under the weather, the good news is Vicks Vapo Drops clears the nose and soothes the throat in just five minutes! We’ve all been there, where sniffling and coughing are the bane of everyday life during the chilly season. A pack of Vicks provides convenient, on the spot relief to quickly stop tickle throats and runny noses. Nothing clears your nose and soothes your throat faster, so you can get on with life & feel human again!


Available in four soothing flavours – Original Menthol, Butter Menthol, Cooling Peppermint and Honey Fresh – there’s a soothing Vicks VapoDrops to suit all palates and help you feel better, faster. Containing the active ingredient of menthol, Vicks VapoDrops provide trusted relief from sore throats and nasal congestion in just fie minutes. Menthol provides a cooling sensation in your mouth and throat and helps to soothe a dry, irritated throat. The Vicks vapour action also clears your nasal passages to give you a sensation of coolness and relief.

The Vicks legacy is about more than just cold and flu medicine. It’s about giving families the opportunity to get more out of life, everyday – even on sick days – for more than 100 years. That’s why Vicks products have been trusted for generations to help provide effective relief from troublesome cold and flu symptoms.

Vicks VapoDrops 24 pack (RRP from $4.90) suitable for ages 2+ and are available now from leading supermarkets nationwide.