Vita Coco Launches in New Zealand

Vita Coco Launches in New Zealand

This week, I attended Vita Coco Coconut Water launch at The Lion headquarters. Always love supporting great brands and the attention to detail the team had put on for the launch;  just blew me away!


Guests were treated to delicious Vita Coco water of course and some healthy treats. I tried Coconut Chia Pudding for the first time…which was rather delightful and exciting!

Here are some pretty snaps that I took from the event:

Photo 3-02-15 9 25 44 am




Photo 3-02-15 9 48 36 am

Newly launched in New Zealand, coconut water is a delicious way to stay hydrated. I love coconut water and I have tried various brands available in the market and I can definitely state that there is a world of quality difference between the brands.


Photo 3-02-15 9 25 44 am

Photo 3-02-15 9 34 56 am

It’s made from fresh, young coconuts, not from the concentrate. Because who wants to pay for something that comes from a concentrate?! Picked, cracked and packed directly at the source, resulting in an experience that’s like sticking a straw in a coconut straight from the tree. If you can’t get to a tropical island anytime soon, Vita CoCo is your best bet.


Rich in vitamins and minerals and filled with naturally occurring electrolytes that that help your body replenish after exercise; and of course it has a much lower sugar content that regular soft drinks and most fruit juices. No fat or cholesterol and naturally low in calories. Sold.

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Photo 3-02-15 9 25 25 am

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Vita Coco is available at leading supermarkets nationwide

RRP $2.99 for a 330ml or $5.99 for 1L.