Warehouse Stationery’s Fresh Summer Look

Warehouse Stationery’s Fresh Summer Look

If you know me well, you know that I am obsessed with stationery and for me, there is no such thing as too much when it comes to it.


Warehouse Stationery invited us along to preview their new collection held at Thievery Studio. The wide variety of products meant that you are sorted whether you are needing them for work, study, create or connect.



Kookie is the latest coolest must – have children’s fashion stationery for Christmas. It can be likened to the stationery brand Smiggles. Every kid will want Kookie on their desk. Great quality, playful colours and good value. Instead of spoiling your kids with iPads, iPods, MacBooks and the latest technology (not always a bad thing!) why not get some Kookie for them to get creative, to reflect their own personality and to not forget the fun and traditional way of using stationery.


Something for young professionals is the stylish, design-conscious who wants their desk decor to look amazing. The Summer Collection features cool blue sky and warm coral tones to bring the feeling of summer to your desk or handbag.  Stylish, indeed.



Art & Craft

For everyone that loves art and craft, there is a plethora of goodies with the widest range of products for all age groups.

This festive season is all about decorative papers, embossing and using the paper cutting tools to create your very own unique trends, finished off with embellishments. A key trend is to use natural brown Kraft paper with hessian and twine combined with either color or metallic effects, perfect for Christmas!




A fun gift idea is Kinetic sand. I remember the Play-doh days as a young girl. This is perhaps better and definitely less of a mess! Bring the beach indoors and the kinetic sand stays clumped together where kids can build that perfect sandcastle and more!



Summer is all about being outdoors and feeling good. I’m thankful for the FitBit that I was gifted in the goodie bag! It’s the perfect gadget for keeping slim this summer and it tracks your steps, distance and calories burned as well as your sleep quality. My boyfriend is loving it, and because we are a bit competitive, we use the FitBit to challenge ourselves and each other, which is quite a fun thing to do!

It will even wake you silently in the morning ready for another day! Available in various colors. I have one in black, love it.


Print & Copy Centre

Something that I found out from the event was that over at the Print & Copy Centre, you can design your own bespoke wallpaper, what a cool concept! The Warehouse Stationery online software is simple to use, select the image of your choice and you can refresh your room just like that! There are three printing options: self-adhesive PVC free, traditional wallpaper and self-adhesive.

Check out the full service that is available with Fotoart services over at www.fotofinish.co.nz