Yves Saint Laurent Spring 2016

Yves Saint Laurent Spring 2016

Spring 2016.

As intuitive as the wind that blows through her hair.
As free as the silk scarf wrapped loosely round her neck.
Moving rhythmically to the beat of a different drum,
Protected by her precious amulets.

Boho Stones, a jetset bohemian spirit.
The Yves Saint Laurent woman par excellence.
She is untrammelled by convention.
Her intuitive sensuality and assertive feminity;
An inspiration to the admirers that follow in her wake – entranced

 I pat and blend the Fusion Ink Blush which gives me a gorgeous burst of fresh colour.  You can warm up the skin or cool it down depending on the shade. There are four shades in this collection; with a play of classic rules of YSL Beauté colors; the red, the orange, the fuchsia, adding a super pink with an edge of magenta. I, then work on my eyes using the Couture Palette Collector Indie Jaspe which is both modern and free-spirited. The shades are carefully selected for me to be creative and daring. Play with the iridescent shades of pale green, sage green or peach to give richness and drama. Add highlights with the yellow-gold, reaching into the upper-right corner of the eyelid, or create a classic look by building up the sage green shade. It allows me freedom to wear it the way I want to wear it. After all the Yves Saint Laurent woman is a free spirit. She has her own rules, and she doesn’t follow anybody else’s. To finish, I apply the Rouge Pur Couture Vernis À LÈVRES in No. 43 Rose Folk which is a dusky petal pink for a boho sense of chic.

The following products from the YSL Boho Stones Spring Collection 2016 will be available in New Zealand:

YSL Blush Encre De Peau: $65
YSL Rouge Pur Couture Vernis a Levres: $63
YSL Couture Paletter Collector: $120
YSL La Laque Couture (Pink&Green): $48

An Inspiration: 

Available from 15th February 2016 at selected department stores, Farmers and pharmacies. Definitely worth checking it out if you love limited edition collections. I’m definitely adding to my YSL collection.