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Ziera® Boots Are Made for Walking

Ziera® Boots Are Made for Walking

As the famous song by Lee Hazlewood, and originally performed in 1966 by Nancy Sinatra, “These Boots are made for walking”* made women the world over celebrate their new found individuality and independence as they entered the new era of empowerment.


As a footwear design and manufacturer, Ziera® has made their name in designing and manufacturing footwear to empower and support women to look and feel their best – all day, every day.

The equally famous Ziera Fit ensures, no agony is made throughout the day from ill fitting footwear. A Ziera® VIP customer recently said “The Ziera® shoes are the shoes you don’t want to take off when you walk in the front door at night”.


Recently appointed Ziera® Brand Ambassador, the gregarious frank open and oh so honest self declared gastronomad, Peta Mathias knows more than most, to troll the early morning markets in countries where there are often cobblestones underfoot, the importance of footwear that can navigate these potentially hazardous obstacles with the super grip technology on the Ziera® soles a fit that feels like a glove.

Puddle jumping in the rain or simply running to catch that train, Ziera® has taken comfort and safety to the highest standard creating a new benchmark with the holistic approach to design, materials, comfort and safety.


With this intention in mind, the Autumn Winter 14 collection of boots is designed for every women embarking on the morning walk to the bus stop, train station, transporting her self from suburban life to city corporate life.  For those women actively tearing around the suburbs multitasking throughout the day fulfilling the various needs of the family, she can take great comfort in knowing that while there will always be cheaper options for her own footwear, those options may not endure winter after winter as she puddle jumpers in and out of rain showers throughout her busy day, Ziera have taken great care to keep her feet firmly planted too.


The Ziera woman sets out each morning on the front foot and doesn’t look back wishing that she had worn a different pair of shoes!

aumtumn-lookbook6 My favourite pairs from the collection:


Diamond Black


Jasper Black


Waikato Chocolate

Price list:

Rifle – $RRP$329

Jasper – RRP$329

Talya –  RRP$229

Frankie – RRP$275

Teo – RRP$279

Sacha – RRP$375

Zarla – RRP$329

Waikato – RRP$275

Diamond – RRP$299

Santiago – RRP$375

Biscotti – RRP$329

 For more info, visit: www.zierashoes.com